In case you emigrate to or settle in Canada, ROSHIPPING offers you, beside shipping your personal effects, the possibility to ship your car by container sea freight. To this end, we provide the containerized shipping service on the routes Constanta – Toronto, Constanta – Montreal, Constanta – Halifax and Constanta – Vancouver, as well as vehicle loading and lashing services in Constanta.


The export of vehicle to Canada requires the following steps:

  • Deregistration of the vehicle in Romania and obtaining provisional number plates
  • Export customs clearance at an inland customs office and driving it to the cargo terminal in Constanta
  • Approval of Constanta customs authorities for loading the vehicle in container
  • Loading and stowage of vehicle in container, usually in a 20′ container


The first two steps must be taken by sender at competent authorities in the area of residence and vehicle registration.

Vehicle customs clearance, loading and stowage is carried out by ROSHIPPING.

If you do not want to travel with provisional number plates, you can tow the vehicle to Constanta.

Other personal effects can be custom cleared along with the vehicle, the sender having the option to ship either the car alone or send other personal items inside the vehicle, as well.


We strongly advise you to read the Canadian regulations on the importation of motor vehicles, as senders are subject to heavy penalties and sanctions in case vehicles are not admitted to import in Canada.

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Frequently asked questions about this area can be found on the official website “transport Canada”:  

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