ROSHIPPING performs LCL groupage sea shipping of personal goods (personal effects) to the following destinations in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Winnipeg. We provide transportation for relocation, shipping of personal effects to your friends abroad, unaccompanied baggage, sending gifts to friends.


Upon request, we provide packaging (cardboard boxes, heat treated wooden packaging, ISPM 15 pallets), labeling, protection for fragile items and other related services. We provide customs assistance for the customs clearance of your shipment as well as in obtaining the EORI code required to declare the goods to be transported, by case.

In order to facilitate the customs clearance procedure and to cut the pickup and handling costs, ROSHIPPING provides customs clearance of personal effects when leaving the European Union in CFS Rotterdam and CFS Antwerp. Documents required for the customs clearance of personal goods / personal effects:

– list of parcels / inventory in two copies in English
– the below shipping form submitted at least 3 days before the requested departure date
– copy of ID / foreign passport
– any other documents requested by the Customs Authority, if the case

How to calculate the freight rates:

The chargeable volume (WM – weight measurement) is the largest value of the cargo volume, expressed in cubic meters and the volumetric weight, calculated as the ratio between gross weight (kg) / 333 (kg).


Examples of pricing based on volume:

– the cargo has a volume of 1.50 cubic meters and weighs 300 kg. The payable volume is, in such case, 1.50 cubic meters because 1.50 is higher than 300/333 = 0.90
– the cargo has a volume of 1.50 cubic meters and weighs 600 kg. The payable volume is, in such case 1.80 cubic meters because 1.50 is lower than 600/333=1.80

For the calculation of the payable volume for each category of parcels, please use the following form:

The LCL groupage sea shipping rates are obtained by adding the sea shipping tariff CFS Timisoara – CFS destination Canada, plus EIS (Equipment Imbalance Surcharge), FSC (Fuel Surcharge) and any other required services (pick up, palletizing, packaging, ISPM 15 pallets, professional packing etc).
The cargo shipped by LCL containerized groupage service delivered to Bucharest Hub will benefit of the same shipping rate as delivered to Timisoara Hub!!! This promotional offer is valid from July 16, 2018 till September 16, 2018 and will be applied to all our customers that will deliver the goods to above mentioned hubs due time!


The unit prices for CFS Timisoara / Bucuresti – CFS destination Canada sea freight shipment are as follows:

CFS CanadaLocal charges Rotterdam
Additional charges to O/F
Freight Rate ≤ 3wm
Freight Rate ≤ 5 wm
Freight Rate > 5 wm
250.00304.00299.00 294.00
250.00 304.00299.00294.00
Tariffs for on-demand services, additional to the LCL groupage sea shipping service for goods / personal effects:

  • pick up Bucharest – Otopeni: EUR 60.00
  • pick up from large cities: EUR 45/shipment + EUR 0.40/kg, min EUR 80.00/shipment
  • palletizing: EUR 80/pallet 80×120 cm and EUR 90 / pallet 100×120 cm
  • handling in/out: EUR 0.12/kg, min EUR 45
  • delivery CFS Bucharest: EUR 60
  • professional packaging: according to requirements
  • professional transport crates: depending on the size

The goods are accepted for LCL service only palletized.

The above rates do not include local charges, customs fees, duties or other charges at destination. These will be paid by recipient at destination.

Ship Freight

To book the LCL sea shipping, please use the following form:



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