ROSHIPPING provides sea shipping of personal effects in FCL sea freight shipping to the following destinations in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Vancouver.


Containers are positioned at the loading place based on a firm order, after making a down payment documented by invoice to be issued by ROSHIPPING. Cargo loading, stowing inside containers and export customs clearance are the responsibility of the loader. The free period for loading operations and customs clearance is 8 hours and it is practically possible to load without paying the truck detention charge in case loading and customs clearance are done on the same day. The detention day is charged additionally with the equivalent of EUR 150 / day.


The services of an intermediary warehouse and / or customs broker are recommended to be used so that you can store and package the goods and do the loading, stowage and custom clearance of personal effects within the 8-hour free period, as positioning of container at residential addresses (in front of a house, block of flats, etc.) is not possible.


Upon request, we can provide professional wooden packaging made of ISPM15 heat-treated wood, of various standard sizes or custom-made.

Containers are shipped along with a waybill issued to our agents in Canada and payments of local taxes in Canada are made at destination. Detention and demurrage charges are levied by the shipping lines contracted for sea freight, available upon request.


According to Canadian customs regulations, the import customs clearance of personal effects is done individually and personally, as customs clearance by customs broker is not permitted.

Unit tariffs for destinations in Canada are as follows:

Port of destination
Ocean Freight 20'DV
Ocean Freight 40'DV/HQ
Toronto2285.00 2970.00
THC Romania
THC Canada420.00480.00
This cost is added to the cost of container positioning at the place of loading, which will be communicated upon receipt of the tariff confirmation form.

The charge does not include tariffs for access to the place of loading or other additional services / handling, if required by the customs authorities in Constanta (eg. scanner, physical control, etc.), demurrage, detention or other additional charges that may occur due to loading delay.

The charge does not include local fees at destination, at recipient’s expense.

For confirmation, please fill in the following form and you will be contacted by a ROSHIPPING operator:



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