The sender has the obligation to get informed about any restrictive measure applicable in Canada so that the shipment be accepted at the destination. Any additional costs generated by the non-reception of goods at destination or by the sanctioning of the air cargo agent for reasons beyond his control, shall be incurred by sender accordingly

The sender takes full responsibility for the veracity of the data declared and set out in the documents forwarded to the air cargo agent for the cargo to be custom cleared and shipped by air.

General conditions for the acceptance of goods to air freight:

– the goods are handed over at Henri Coanda International Airport or to the agent who provides pick up ‘ready for carriage’, properly packed so that the packaging does not deteriorate during the flight
– no pressurized containers (spray) or liquids, including perfumes, nail polish dissolver, acetone, nail polish of any kind are accepted for air shipping of personal items / personal effects. Exceptions to this rule will be approved separately for certain categories of liquids, if the containers are original and the packaging is safe enough, namely a wooden box fitted with air bubble foil and polyester flakes.
– the shipment of batteries / rechargeable batteries of any kind is not allowed, except laptop batteries which are removed from the device and packed separately, notifying the shipping agent about them
– maximum permitted weight is 25 kg for cardboard boxes
wooden crates or pallets will be used for bigger weights, tailored so they can be operated by forklift. Permitted size and weight per piece will be confirmed before packing as they vary according to the type of aircraft operating on that route. Any wooden packaging will be accepted for shipping provided it has undergone ISPM15 heat treatment and has a heat-treatment mark

– the crates must be labeled with sender’s name and address, as well as recipient’s name and address.
– non-fragile items can also be shipped packed in suitcases, wrapped up in plastic stretch foil.
– any wooden packaging will be accepted for transport provided it has undergone ISPM15 heat treatment and has a heat-treatment mark.

Art objects susceptible to be part of the national cultural heritage shall be submitted in advance to the County Directions for Culture, Cults and National Heritage to get the necessary permits, respectively the temporary / definitive export certificates.

Under Art. 81 of Law No. 182/2000, with subsequent amendments and completions, the following cultural items are not subject to classification and may be permanently or temporarily exported without an export certificate, enjoying unrestricted circulation:

  1. a) plastic art and photographic art objects, decorative or cult art objects, as well as any other works of art created by living authors (plastic artists, freelance artists, amateur artists, craftsmen, artisans, pupils, students or children and others) in activities carried out independently or in workshops, art circles or creative studios as part of the educational process or in production units attached to legal entities of public or private law;
    b) ethnographic works of living craftspeople.
    For further clarifications, please contact the County Directions for Culture, Cults and National Heritage, respectively to check the requirements set out by the Government Decision No. 518/2004 for the approval of the Methodological Guidelines on Permanent or Temporary Export of Movable Cultural Assets and Government Decision No. 886/2008 for the approval of the Guidelines on Classification of Movable Cultural Assets.

Payment of air freight charges shall be made by paying the freight invoice, calculated based on the advised size and weight, prior to the delivery of goods by sender in view of transportation.

Payment can be made in EUR or RON at the BNR exchange rate on the date of invoice  + 3% foreign currency risk commission. Payment can be made by bank transfer or online with a banking card on the secure platform. A 2.5% card payment fee, in addition to the shipment value, will be charged in card payments.

In case the shipping order is canceled prior to the flight date, the collected amount is partially refunded, less EUR 100 / transport representing compensations for booking cancellation plus the amounts corresponding to the services rendered by the moment of cancellation.

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